Wearing a Pet Portrait Is Just So Rad


I came across this insanely cool pet portrait shirt and said to myself,  “I don’t know why, but it is just so rad.” I then came to a conclusive check list of why it is “so rad.” It is indeed rad because

1) It has dogs on it. duh.

2) It is colorful

3) It is made in Italy, which means the quality is impeccable. Ya feel me?

Pair it with ripped denim and untuck it partially or make it more feminine with a flirty skirt and heels. While it may be a men’s piece, I believe it is completely capable of being incorporated into a woman’s wardrobe. The question you ask is where must I wear this flashy top? A puppy birthday party? Walking my dog? PET STORE? The answer is no, please please please I beg of you stay away from being shown with your dog or any dog in general/ anything related to a dog. However, please DO wear this cool printed shirt anywhere else and with any other species.


Check out the shirt here at Opening Ceremony. Photos from OpeningCeremony.com

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Hide And Seek

It’s always nice when  a designer chooses to do something good when a particular cause is in need. Today is the last day Linda Farrow eyewear is donating 100% of all purchases to the Philippines. I am lusting over these insane eyeglasses in the form of elegantly manicured hands by Jeremy Scott. Such a fun item for a party or to make a bold statement without reason! Check these chic babes out here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.26.34 PM

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Prada + Wes Anderson

Picture yourself in a an Italian Piazza in 1955, surrounded by the people of this quaint town you call home, where everyone knows everyone. Not much action occurs on the daily, however today in particular you are standing in the Piazza and Jason Schwartzman has just crashed his racing car into Jesus Christ, causing chaos amongst the town. This Italian cinema created in the eye of two major talents, Miuccia Prada and Wes Anderson, debuted a few days ago at the Rome Film Festival. Titled Castello Cavalcanti, this film merges art, architecture, and film into one. Put yourself in the scene and get a laugh out of this 8 minute film!


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Twists, Japanese Squid, and Nan Goldin

I thought I would start some new posting of my weekly inspiration! After sewing a dress this week inspired by the 1960’s, brainstorming for my upcoming “nightlife” art photography project, and staying sane with lots of work, I have been gravitating towards braids and twists, glowing firefly squid of Japan, and photographer Nan Goldin.



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She Is Just. So. Cool.

890556e489101d0f5a1db07fc7933728What could be better than Kate Bosowrth + Topshop? Again, I repeat! Kate Bosworth + Topshop? Nothing but  greatness. She is the ultimate flawless face who has impeccable minimalist style and her collection does just the same. Her simple everyday pieces are ones you can ultimately wear with anything.

My favorites are:

1. Pistol Stiletto in nude

2. Leather A-Line Skirt

3. Matte black sunglasses.

The collection just came out, so check it out along with the video below. She is just. so. cool.

Photo courtesy of NYLON.

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Hey, I like you

proenzaToday the Proenza Schouler backpack became available online and boy is it beautiful! Simple and sleek, it is the perfect minimalist piece to own.  I love how it is a perfect square, something that is unexpected of most backpack designs. It comes in black and white, which is great if you are looking for a basic carry-all type of bag. The white I prefer because it is just so chic. It is great for every season, very versatile, especially great for that pop we all need in our wintery wardrobes. The price is $2,150. Thoughts?



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Why The Running Sneaker Is Now Cool

This gallery contains 28 photos.

Sneakers used to be the one item I always kept in the back of my closet, hidden for no one to see . Wearing a sneaker in public seemed shameful when paired with something other than my workout clothes. I … Continue reading

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